About Alex Z. Salinas


It wasn’t until my junior year in college when something happened to me that I hadn’t seen coming: I became a storyteller.

Joining my college newspaper at 19 years old, having never written in such a medium before, was a move that completely changed the trajectory of my career. Since then, I’ve worked for two newspapers and, now, a university.

When I turned 26, something else happened: I tried my hand at fiction writing, and I loved it. Again, this was a move that I believe has changed me for good.

Will I ever become a professional fiction writer? The chances are slim. The odds are stacked against me. But that won’t stop me from writing stories.

Now I’ll cut to the chase.

I’ve set up this page primarily to showcase my published short fiction, but I’ve also included links to some of my journalistic work.

I hope you find something you enjoy. Otherwise, I’ve wasted your time, and that would be a terrible thing. 🙂




Fiction — Click here



Note: This is a brief listing of my work.

St. Mary’s University:

ALIVE Magazine:

The Wingspread:

TORCH Magazine:

San Antonio Express-News:


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