City Lights From the Upside Down

“A dazzling collection of satisfying tales consistent in theme, dexterity, and impressive execution.” —Kirkus Reviews

Book description via In City Lights From the Upside Down, Alex Z. Salinas’ debut collection of short stories, the setting is mostly South Texas—and infrequently, outer space. Mothers dying or dead, brothers with a taste for revenge, bizarre coffee shop encounters, terrifying dreams, strange alien lights, embers of love blazing and cooling—in these stories, a lot happens, and sometimes not much at all. Through precise, raw, and often Christ-haunted language, Salinas builds up characters to bring them to their knees. This book: a roller coaster in the middle of the Texas desert. (Or is it just a mirage?)

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Author profile via San Antonio Express-News.

Inclusion in Nov. 8, 2021, Critical Notes via National Book Critics Circle.

Book review via Kirkus Reviews.